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Our vision is that every child knows and feels that their teacher cares deeply about them, is sensitive to their individual needs, and invested in their personal success. Every child deserves a Mechanech(es) who infuses them  with Yiras shamayim, and inspires them to dedicate their lives to fulfilling the Torah and Mitzvos with joy; a teacher who pushes the status quo, has high expectations, and helps every child grow; an educator who is proud and excited to be entrusted with the sacred mission of Chinuch.


Our mission is to be available for those who invest themselves in the field of Chinuch. Teaching is an extraordinary privilege that comes along with enormous responsibility. Support is critical for the bearers of this holy task. Our goal is to empower and support both seasoned educators as well as new teachers entering the field. We provide tools for every teacher to enhance their effectiveness and create an excitement for learning in the classroom. The Art of Chinuch is a unique model aimed to guide and inspire each and every teacher to prime their students for success, with important mindsets and practical tools, tested and proven in the field.

Our approach and driving force is inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, whose deep and unconditional love for every Jew, children in particular, has a major impact across the globe.
Our model is divided into nine components, covering the scope of positive discipline both in theory and in practice. We believe that every single child can be propelled to achievement through the delicate yet powerful balance of love combined with structure and carefully communicated expectations.
Our system is rooted in Torah teachings and Chassidic philosophy, notably the “Klalei HaChinuch V’Hahadracha: Principles of Education and Guidance” of the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, from which stems our guiding principle: “An educator must relate to his student with both resolute firmness and love and consideration.” It is the fostering of this balance of love and guidance which we aspire to impart through our workshops and programs.
The tremendous potential possessed by the children of today’s generation is unparalleled. Accordingly, it is incumbent for today’s Chinuch educators to feel confident in the sacred task of helping young Jewish children actualize the individual missions they were born to achieve.

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