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Intensive Training

Rabbi Feldman’s summer course is highly regarded for the rejuvenating spirit it imbues in the teachers of various stages who attend. He combines passion and enthusiasm with clear, actionable steps for all attendees. The merit of their work is highlighted and teachers learn clearly-defined sets of disciplines upon which his carefully crafted curriculum is based. His course is organized for clarity and developed with the goal of transmitting implementable takeaways for each attendee by the end of each session. Alumni continue to return for advanced training after witnessing real and everlasting change in their own classrooms.

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Art of Chinuch

Intensive Training 5783/2023


-   Create an environment where each student feels cared for   -

-   Deliver unforgettable lessons   -

-   Turn classroom problems into opportunities   -

-   Enjoy teaching without getting drained by discipline   -

-   Inspire students to exceed expectations   -

Course Dates


Course Fees

Full Course


Early bird special - expires 6/30/23



See registration form for partial participation options by Session Modules

$175 - $350






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or if you would like to know about future events Bezras Hashem, 
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