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Rabbi Levi Feldman

Brooklyn, New York

> Sharing his live classroom experience

> Imparting his passion, pride and excitement for teaching

> Conveying his methodical and organized approach, tested and proven in the field

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Rabbi Feldman provides consultations for individual teachers. His expertise helps guide teachers of all stages to effectively deal with various situations, with the goal of achieving long-term positive improvements in the classroom. 


Rabbi Feldman offers periodic webinars through which educators gain insight and techniques to deal with a vast array of challenges within the field of Chinuch, and turn the challenge into an opportunity for growth.



Rabbi Feldman conducts in-service teacher training through school visitations. His workshops are refreshing, inspiring, and well-received by school faculties across the country. He helps teachers on the forefront of education identify and implement the crucial components of successful teaching.

Intensive training

Rabbi Feldman orchestrates an annual highly-acclaimed intensive teacher training program held during the summer. Teachers of all grades benefit from his practical guidance. His course produces hundreds of empowered teachers who attest to the success of his program.

Help each student


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Our vision is that every child knows and feels that their teacher cares deeply about them, is sensitive to their individual needs, and invested in their personal success. Every child deserves a Mechanech(es) who infuses them  with Yiras shamayim, and inspires them to dedicate their lives to fulfilling the Torah and Mitzvos with joy; a teacher who pushes the status quo, has high expectations, and helps every child grow; an educator who is proud and excited to be entrusted with the sacred mission of Chinuch.

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As a first-year teacher, jumping into school was, as you can imagine, a daunting pursuit. But, allow me to describe to you the relief I felt after the first day of school when I realized that throughout the day, what kept things running smoothly were the reminders, tips, and tools that I had gained from Rabbi Feldman's classes. They raced through my mind at just the right moments...  I hadn't even realized how much I had learned and practically gained until I saw myself applying it! 
Clearly, Rabbi Feldman's Positive Discipline model, along with his eloquent, clear, and patient way of giving it over works. Really well. 

Leah Deren

Pittsburgh, PA

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